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Durable, professionally laid Tarmac for your home or business

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Tarmac Surfacing Services

Durable, professionally laid Tarmac for your home or business

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Tarmac has become one of the most popular surfacing materials in the UK.  Its versatility, affordability, and attractive appearance has made it a popular choice with both homeowners and property developers.

If you are interested in installing a tarmac driveway, footpath, or carpark, contact West Sussex Contractors today.  We are tarmac specialists, using state-of-the-art equipment to install tarmac surfaces that are durable, long-lasting, and very attractive.

Our team has been working with tarmac for many years.  We provide tarmac services to both residential and commercial clients in the UK, ranging from residential driveways and patios through to large carparks for commercial property developers.

All work is performed by qualified tradesmen with the training and knowledge necessary to install tarmac surfaces of the highest quality.  You will be impressed by the durability and beautiful finish of your completed tarmac surface. 

West Sussex Contractors has a simple mission statement — To provide our clients with a high-quality service that is affordable and professional.  All work is fully guaranteed and we only consider the job complete if you are completely happy with the finished product.

Resin Bound Driveways and Footpaths Construction

To learn more about our tarmac services, contact West Sussex Contractors today on 01206 807 932. You can also read on to learn more about the benefits of tarmac and why our company is the best choice for your next project.

What are the benefits of using Tarmac?

Here are just a few of the benefits obtained from using tarmac:

  • Incredible durability
    A correctly laid tarmac driveway, carpark, or footpath will last many decades.  It provides an excellent return on investment — one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for property developers.
  • Looks fantastic
    Tarmac surfaces are smooth, uniform, and have an even texture.  It is a very clean look that works well for many types of properties.
  • Affordable
    Tarmac is surprisingly affordable, which makes it a viable choice for both residential and commercial property owners.
  • Can be applied quickly
    Our team can lay a tarmac surface very quickly, which is useful if you have a tight deadline on a property development or a larger area to cover.
  • Simple to replace
    Once a tarmac surface has reached the end of its life, it is easy to remove and replace.
  • Easy to clean
    Tarmac can be cleaned with a broom, hose, or high pressure sprayer.  If a crack develops, it can be patched very easily.

Adding a dropped kerb usually requires council permission so an application process must be entered into. We can help you plan your dropped kerb and ensure it is compliant with regulations.

Why choose West Sussex Contractors for your tarmac requirements?

All work is performed by qualified professionals

Our team consists of several skilled tradesmen who have worked in the groundworks and surfacing industries for years.  They know how to correctly prepare a surface, mix the resin and aggregate, then apply it uniformly.

Resin bound surfaces use a blend of resin and natural stone aggregate.  This mixture is prepared on site and applied on top of a prepared area or an existing hard surface.  Resin bound surfaces can have aggregate of different colours or sizes mixed into it, which can create a beautiful and unique-looking surface that matches the design of your home or property development.

  • A company you can trust
    The team behind our family-owned business has been working in the tarmac services industry for many years.  We have built a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable.  You can rest assured knowing that all work will be completed to a high standard.

  • We employ a team of qualified professionals
    Unlike some other companies, we only employ skilled tradesmen who have plenty of experience with tarmac.  Our company never subcontracts jobs to third party providers, so you know that your tarmac surface is installed by professionals.

  • West Sussex Contractors specialises in bespoke projects
    We regularly complete bespoke projects for our clients.  This includes custom driveways, playgrounds, footpaths, car parks, and entertaining areas.  Whatever your vision is, we have the skills and experience necessary to fully realise it.

  • Extremely efficient
    You will be impressed by the efficiency of our team.  We will arrive on time and immediately get to work constructing your tarmac driveway, patio, footpath, playground or carpark.

  • Affordable
    We strive to provide prospective clients with highly-competitive quotes for all tarmac projects.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the value-for-money that our company delivers.
  • All work is fully guaranteed
    West Sussex Contractors is proud of the work we perform and happy to provide generous guarantees.


My property has had a lovely makeover, I am very happy with the quality of workmanship provided by West Sussex Contractors. The experience has been delightful from the very beginning and I would be happy to work with them again.

Jane Maguire

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