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We can take care of all roof leaks and weather damage

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We can take care of all roof leaks and weather damage

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We take pride in our continuous ability to provide a professional, friendly and excellent service to all of our clients in the West Sussex area. Our attention to detail is second to none, each project is undertaken with the same high level of workmanship which can be seen throughout our company. We only use high-quality materials; this ensures that not only do our roofs look outstanding but are also built to last.

Roof maintenance is an important part of homeownership. The roof of a home is often the first thing people notice about a house; a poorly maintained roof can be visually unappealing to your guests. It can also decrease the overall value of your home, making it more difficult to sell in the future. This is why roof maintenance is so important. Not only that, but a damaged roof can lead to leaks. Causing widespread damage to your home and incurring costs which are expensive and avoidable. It is important to repair before you choose to replace your entire roof. Roof replacement is significantly more expensive and is also less practical as your home will often be left without a roof for a handful of days. Repairing your roof is a much more cost-effective and quicker method of restoring your home to its former glory.

How can these problems be prevented? Contact West Sussex Contractors today to arrange a roof inspection for your home. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the services they may require, all while tailoring them to suit their needs.

Approved Roof Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

To learn more about the roofing services we offer, contact us today on 01903 863 571. You can also read on to learn more about the many benefits of roof repairs and the reasons why West Sussex Contractors is the best choice for your next project.

Fascias, Soffits, Guttering Repairs/replacement

Fascias and soffits are installed to protect your home from the unforgiving and often unpredictable British weather. If they are not properly maintained, they can cause structural damage to your property. High winds can cause leaves to be blown into your gutters and drainpipes, leading to a blockage which doesn’t allow the water to be properly drained. The overflowing water can then drip down the side of your property can’t cause staining and discolouration. At West Sussex Contractors, we provide a solution to homeowners facing these issues, by way of repair or replacement. Our experienced experts will assess the current situation and use their knowledge to offer you the most appropriate solution to suit the needs of you and your home.


One of the most important elements of your roof is its structure. Repointing will protect your home from mould and water damage. Mould can move quickly through your home, not only does it pose a threat to the structure of your property, but it can also turn into a highly dangerous health hazard. Especially for those who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma.

  • Roof leaks
  • Excess moisture
  • Loose roof tiles
  • Missing roof tiles
  • Granules in the gutter

The pointing is responsible for holding roof tiles in place, therefore damage to roof tiles will most likely lead to the signs above. At West Sussex Contractors we provide full repointing services which are guaranteed to leave your roof looking safe and secure.

Tile Repairs and Replacement

At West Sussex Contractors, no problem is too small. We can repair and replace broken or loose tiles, keeping your home safe from the outside elements. More often than not, a roof does not require a full replacement. Individual tile repair is a cost-effective alternative if you only have a few tiles which need replacing. We are more than happy to take on any project large or small.

Chimney Repairs

Over the years, chimneys may become weathered and worn, we provide chimney repairs in West Sussex for both residential and commercial properties. We have provided many customers with countless chimney repairs throughout our time in the industry. Leaving every client extremely satisfied with the results. If a chimney is left without proper maintenance for too long, it risks collapsing completely. This can be dangerous and also lead to structural damage. Our Chimney repair service includes Chimney repointing, resetting of chimney pots, installation of lead soakers, flashings, back gutters and front aprons.

Flat Roof Repairs

Due to their orientation, flat roofs can experience more problems than traditional roofs due to water not being able to drain as easily. Water which does not drain properly can become stagnant and this can lead to leakage. At West Sussex Contractors, we will carry out a full roof inspection to discover the root of the problem, our highly experienced experts will then discuss possible solutions to the problem, advising you which solution will best suit your current situation and needs. The quicker you contact us to discuss your ongoing flat roof issue, the less damage will be done. We only use the best materials available, as we want to avoid a scenario in which your flat roof requires repair shortly after the initial repair, costing you more money in the long run. Overall, we recommend taking the repair and maintenance approach compared to a replacement as it is much more economical.

Damp Proofing

If you are experiencing a musty smell, often associated with wet patches in your home. Then you most likely are experiencing a damp problem. At West Sussex Contractors, we provide damp proofing solutions that will put a stop to unsightly and dangerous damp patches in your home.

  • Wet patches on the wall
  • Cold walls and floors
  • The appearance of black speckled marks on the walls
  • Presence of mould and algae on external walls
  • Detachment and discolouring of wallpapers

If left alone, damp can be a serious health hazard to those living in the property, especially to those who experience respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. Therefore, it is crucial that damp must be dealt with as soon as the signs become apparent. Our experts will provide safe high-quality damp proofing solutions which will ensure the protection of your family and home.

My property has had a lovely makeover, I am very happy with the quality of workmanship provided by West Sussex Contractors. The experience has been delightful from the very beginning and I would be happy to work with them again.

Jane Maguire

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