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Landscaping & Garden Design

Create a beautiful garden that suits your home and your guests.

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Landscaping & Garden Design

Create a beautiful garden that suits your home and your guests.

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West Sussex Contractors is a leading provider of landscaping services in the United Kingdom. Our team of talented professional landscapers can help you transform your property’s outdoor area into a beautiful and functional space.

We are a family owned company that provides landscaping services to both commercial and residential clients across the UK. Our work ranges from small landscaping alterations for private residences to complex landscaping projects for commercial clients. However, we always bring the same level of enthusiasm and energy to each project, regardless of its size.

Our company has built a reputation for being hard working, reliable, and professional. We have also demonstrated our creativity when it comes to landscaping projects — helping clients improve challenging outdoor spaces using innovative landscaping techniques.

We have a simple mission statement — To provide our clients with a high-quality service that is affordable and professional. Our work is fully guaranteed and we always demand the best from our team.

Vetted Landscapers In West Sussex

To learn more about the our landscaping services, contact us today on 01206 807 932. You can also read on to learn more about our UK landscaping services and why West Sussex Contractors is the best choice for your next landscaping project.

What kinds of landscaping services do we provide?

West Sussex Contractors is a one-stop-shop that provides a wide range of landscaping services including:

  • Drainage construction
    We specialise in groundworks and can help you install the drainage necessary for your landscape design.
  • Pathway construction
    A beautiful path can really improve the flow of an outdoor space and is essential for connecting different spaces together. Our team can construct paths made from various materials include concrete, resin bound aggregate, and natural stone.
  • Patio construction
    We often install patios made from natural stone, resin bound aggregate, concrete, pavers, and other materials.
  • Retaining walls
    Our team often installs concrete, timber, and natural stone walls for clients
  • Foundations and footings
    If you are building new structures in your outdoor spaces, we can help by installing their foundations and footings.
  • Stone Features
    We can install stone circles, ornamental boulders, stone walls, stone benches, and other decorative objects.

Why choose West Sussex Contractors for Landscaping Services?

  • We care about our clients
    West Sussex Contractors has a strong focus on the client. We will help you every step of the way as you plan and create beautiful outdoor spaces with our landscaping services.
  • West Sussex Contractors comes from a family with decades of experience
    Our family-owned company has a history of delivering groundworks, landscaping, and surfacing services that goes back many years. We have an incredible amount of expertise when it comes to landscaping, which we use to help our clients.
  • Professional tradesmen
    We employ a talented team of professional tradesmen who enjoy delivering landscaping services to our clients. They are a happy group of people with the right skillset to handle the most challenging projects.
  • A one-stop shop
    In addition to landscaping, we provide many other services including driveway surfacing, footpath construction, and patio construction. This helps us take on large scale landscaping projects that involve multiple components.
  • Affordable landscaping services
    We are very competitive when it comes to our pricing. Despite being one of the most affordable landscaping service providers in the UK, we never compromise on the quality of our service.
  • All work is fully guaranteed
    If there are any issues with your landscaping project, we will be back top resolve them.
  • We handle projects of any size
    West Sussex Contractors handles landscaping projects from both commercial and residential clients. Regardless of who we are working for, we will always maintain the same high standards that we are known for.
  • We provide landscaping services across many parts of West Sussex
    LB Contracting provides landscaping services throughout the whole of West Sussex

My property has had a lovely makeover, I am very happy with the quality of workmanship provided by West Sussex Contractors. The experience has been delightful from the very beginning and I would be happy to work with them again.

Jane Maguire

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